brand ambassadors & salespeople

Focusing on something makes you more dedicated. You feel engaged and develop specialist knowledge. The same applies to our brand ambassadors and salespeople. In the store, they are fully dedicated to your brand. They are the face of your brand for customers and store staff alike.

While store assistants have all-round knowledge and have to be in several places at once, our salespeople and brand ambassadors focus entirely on your products. That is how they increase sales and make your brand more visible. The result is a higher in-house share and more upselling. No less important, their frequent presence strengthens the bond with the retailer.

Do you use a shop-in-shop? Our staff can take responsibility for it. They are the eyes and ears on the shop floor and know precisely how your brand is doing locally. They report daily so that you have 24/7 insight into what is happening on the shop floor.

flexible or regular deployment
No two stores are the same; requirements differ from one location to another, sometimes even from moment to moment. That is why our salespeople and brand ambassadors can be deployed flexibly or on a permanent basis, or indeed a combination of the two. Just what you need for your brand or product.

Is there a promotion on the horizon? A product launch needing special attention? Based on our knowledge, experience and market data, we help you find the stores where you can achieve the best results. We agree on the working days and times, the employee profile, the employment conditions and the training course content. We will even arrange the work clothing for you. After the promotion, we share the results and discuss the ROI. A pleasant partnership is our goal! Is it yours too? Let’s work together to realise it.

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