placing promotional material

Having your product put on the shelves is one thing. Getting it into the customer’s shopping basket is another. Maximise your visibility by placing promotional materials on the shelf, creating a second placement or even setting up an entire theme plaza. Make it impossible for the customer to ignore your product!

Our Merchandisers raise your product’s visibility and brand awareness, which that helps you generate additional sales. We can do this for you on a project basis. Our flexible field service visits many stores in a short time and places promotional materials in the ideal location. We are accustomed to changing gear quickly; we can even respond to the weather! That gives you the country’s most efficient field service!

As well as the project-based rounds, we also serve as an extension of the District Managers/Sales Representatives in the field. The same employee frequently visits the same stores to increase the visibility of your product and monitor your presentation. We determine the visit frequency based on data. We consider the quantity of POS materials per store and determine which region’s specific products are doing well or need more attention. This can be supplemented with sales work, e.g. by highlighting local promotions. Is this what your brand needs?

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