Ferrero bij Delhaize

our client’s challenge

To increase the presence of their products in the checkout zone in Delhaize stores, Ferrero developed a new planogram for all checkout counters in partnership with the retail chain. The only way Ferrero could be certain that the planogram would be implemented rapidly and correctly in all stores was by deploying a dedicated field team.

our people’s solution

We prepared an efficient schedule based on regions and classifications. This allowed us to visit all Delhaize supermarkets over a period of two weeks.

The head office informed the stores about the refit date and the hamilton bright account team also called the stores to remind them a few days before visiting. This meant we could work efficiently on the day of the visit, with as little disruption as possible to the store and consumers.

By starting before the store opened, we could also complete all refitting work by 3 p.m. so that all the checkouts were available again during peak times.

New references were introduced and existing references expanded during the two-week period.

results that count

We visited 127 supermarkets over a period of two weeks and implemented the planogram at an average of eight checkout counters a day. This led to an average shelf share increase of 15% in the checkout zone of each store.

“Ferrero was very satisfied with the result of this refit programme. They were particularly impressed by how we tackled the assignment, given that this was one of the first projects in the partnership. Our efficient approach was the key to success.”

Kim Leemans – Operations Manager hamilton bright
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