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The terms hybrid, omnichannel, and multichannel have one thing in common: they describe the online and offline mix. As a retailer or manufacturer, why should you restrict your focus to the offline consumer? We know from experience that shoppers need just as much help making online purchases.

Our Live Online Advisors are brand ambassadors who focus on your brand. They do so on the shop floor or in a showroom. The only difference is that they are equipped with a phone and a headset and trained to help online shoppers. This is a very important difference.

Once a Live Online Advisor is available on the shop floor, they can take calls from customers who are shopping online and want information. A button on the website creates a live video connection between the Advisor and the shopper. The Advisor explains the product and shows it with the camera. Once all the questions have been answered, the Live Online Advisor adds the product to the shopping basket, and the shopper can buy it with peace of mind.

The best thing about this service is that everything is measurable online. You can chart your ROI to the last decimal point. With all the details about the busiest online times available to us, we can continuously optimise the deployment of the Live Online Advisors.

Using Live Online Advisors, our current customers see the average order value increase by 37%!

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