store openings

Opening a new store is a major project. Just think about it: it takes many months, it involves intensive collaboration and then, slowly, something great starts to take shape. After all that hard work, you will of course want to share your moment of pride. The opening of your new store is a moment to celebrate. But organising a big party yourself is so much work…

Let us help you. You’re in charge, but we offer advice and organise the festive opening of your brand-new store. We’ll take care of all the decorations and materials. A red carpet at the entrance? Chrome barriers or a ribbon that you can cut with a huge pair of scissors? Whatever your wishes, our promotion teams are guaranteed to make it a party to remember. We’ll handle all the work of arranging the party and will leave the store neat and tidy afterwards.

With our many years of experience, we have a range of options to make your store opening just a little bit different. This can be something large or small, such as handing out raffle tickets that allow customers to win prizes like a cake or one minute of free shopping. Let us share our ideas with you!

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