tasting & sampling

Smelling, feeling and tasting are very important ways of attracting attention to your brand. They are the only way that your customers can experience your product, which is exactly what you want. Because if someone can experience a product for themselves, they will be much more likely to buy it.

Reach your target group with a strong sampling campaign and convince consumers by deploying our promotion teams. Whether it’s online or offline, we know what to do. Give your local marketing a boost with the right activation.

Stations, shopping streets, festivals and events: we know exactly which sample locations work best for your brand. These may also be inside, for example at a trade fair or in a store where your product is sold.

You can also complete the look and feel of the campaign by using branded sample units or belly trays. Or what about our food truck, where we serve our own snacks and drinks? We can also fully brand the truck in the style of your brand so your product reaches an even wider audience!

Online shopping is hot, so why not let your online customers get to know your product? An added benefit of selling online is the abundance of data about your customers, which means you can choose to send the sample to members of your target group only. You can also reach that target audience at home, without the distractions that exist in public spaces.

How do we do it? By using an enormous database of relevant online platforms in various sectors to link your brand to an online store that reaches your target group. We add your sample to the orders, which brings your product right to the heart of the target group.

Let us increase your brand recognition!

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