shelf maintenance

Obviously, there must be products in stock before you can sell them. However, there’s much more to it than that. Customers are more likely to buy if the store is neat and tidy and the price is clearly indicated. This is easier said than done with a large shopping area.

Service Merchandisers have one goal, namely to ensure that your products are always presented as agreed: neatly, aligned with the retail concept and of course operational. You decide for yourself how many ten-minute blocks are needed for each store. During that time, they make price tags, position displays and POS materials, fill the shelves and check the shelf division.

The fact that our Service Merchandisers visit the same stores every week is an added advantage. They become familiar faces and develop a good relationship with the store staff, making it that much easier to make agreements.

The result? A neatly presented shelf with the right amount of stock, price tags and working demo models. No more empty shelves for customers!

After every visit, you are informed about the store’s status using a dashboard. This allows you to check that the agreements with the head office are being met. Let us help you get a tighter grip on the shop floor. Feel free to contact our specialists.

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